Giving an opportunity is all you need to do

Sometimes when you want to help out, all you need to do is give an opportunity, a sense of purpose, of accomplishment.

Sometimes all you need to do is give someone a job.

That is what Café Joyeux is all about, giving young adults with Down Syndrome a chance to work and feel fulfillment in what they do every day.

Logoplaste is honored to be a patron of the 3rd Café Joyeux project in Portugal, and of course, it is in our hometown of Cascais. Inaugurated on July 18 2023, this coffee shop will give jobs to 24 employees with different degrees of challenges.

Filipe de Botton, Logoplaste’s Chairman, was present at the inauguration party. It was a wonderful event, bringing together guests, staff, government entities and enthusiasts.

For detailed information on Café Joyeux visit their website


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