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Logoplaste designs and manufactures innovative packaging that jumps off the shelf. We do it using the most sustainable processes and materials we can create.

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Reduces CO2 emissions

Logoplaste is the industry leader in embedded, wall to wall manufacturing, which puts our package production lines inside your operation. Wall to wall is the most sustainable way to deliver rigid plastic packaging, because it eliminates freight, synchronizes production, and reduces CO2 emissions.

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Reinventing plastic packaging for a sustainable today

Logoplaste is working to create a circular economy for plastic packaging. Our goal: 100% bottle-to-bottle lifecycles that reuse and recycle plastic in an endless, efficient loop.

Skeptical? We understand, but creating sustainable plastic packaging is much more than our duty. It's our only viable future. 

We are putting all of our skill, knowledge, and creativity to work to make it happen.

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