Growing stronger

Logoplaste is growing so we can help brands use truly sustainable packaging.

Transforming plastics takes a world of skills

Creating a circular, bottle-to-bottle, economy for plastic packaging is essential to serving our clients, our communities, and the planet.

We are assembling the elements we need to build that future now.


Ecoiberia & WorldPET

Ecoiberia and WorldPET are leaders in recycled PET flakes and the rPET industry.  Their expertise in transforming post-consumer plastic bales into food grade recycled flakes and pellets adds new technical skills to the Logoplaste family and helps secure our supply of recycled raw materials. 

Currently, Ecoibéria sorts, grinds, and washes 47,500 tons of post-consumer plastic a year, transforming it into raw material for the entire plastics industry. WorldPET can supply up to 12,000 tons of food grade rPET per year.

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Masterchem Logoplaste provides ready-made PET packaging. With over 600 SKUs in stock, Masterchem can ship full packaging solutions - bottles, jars, and caps - on demand. You can test new products, concepts and markets in the blink of an eye, with minimal packaging development costs.

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We may be on three continents

We may be on three continents

But we all share the same spirit

Our business model reduces CO2 emissions.

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If you can imagine it, we can design it, prototype it, and manufacture it.

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