Diversity is our strength

Three continents, 13 languages, 37 nationalities. We don’t just talk diversity, we live it.

Together we deliver

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is the basis of our culture and our drive.


We are all connected

At Logoplaste we believe that each of us is unique and that everyone must be equally accepted and respected. Building and maintaining a diverse, equal culture across three continents isn’t easy. To make it happen, we ask every team member, and the company as a whole, to do their part.

Case Study

How 2,500+ people come together to work together


Inclusion means we all: 

  • Have the opportunity to make a difference, to contribute 
  • Can participate in ongoing activities as well as the growth of the company
  • Belong, feel welcomed and appreciated 
  • Engage and have an active voice that is heard 
  • Respect the needs and differences of others
  • Have equal job opportunities 
  • Have access to training and development for everyone
  • Have a career progression plan so we keep growing and evolving 

Be the place people want to work at

Logoplaste is an equal opportunities employer, where the foundation of our culture and our drive is based on Diversity & Inclusion.

At Logoplaste we are all unique and different, everyone is accepted and respected for who they are. This is our strength.

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Social responsibility

Giving back has to be sustainable too
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