Tools and resources for teachers, parents, and communities to raise awareness about plastics and recycling.

Logoplaste EDU PACKS for children ages 4 to 6 

Help kids understand the importance of recycling with these fun activities.


Each pack contains:

  • 2 posters – print & post
  • 1 karaoke – turn up the volume and don’t skip a beat
  • 1 story – about recycling plastic
  • 6 worksheets – fun activities about sorting and recycling


Parents and kids can use them at home to make recycling a fun part of every day. At school, teachers can use them to get the whole class involved in recycling.

We created the materials with the help of a professional consultant to ensure the content is effective and age appropriate.

Download an EDU PACK for your country. Each EDU PACK download includes a directory with all of the files and materials listed above.


Download EDUPACK - Brazil

Download EDUPACK - France

Download EDUPACK - Portugal

Download EDUPACK - USA

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