Shaping young talent today so it becomes great talent tomorrow.

Proud sponsor of the Starpack Student Competition

The Starpack Student Competition gives college students opportunities to solve real-world design and manufacturing challenges.

The Logoplaste-sponsored challenge begins with a design brief for plastic packaging that tests the students’ ability to balance aesthetics, functionality, recycling, sustainability, materials, and, of course, manufacturing.  We guide the students through the entire process, showing them all the practical aspects a designer needs to have in mind, while at the same time unleashing their creativity. 

We bring students to our manufacturing sites, so they can see how our bottles are produced and understand the process. We organize visits to Logoplaste Innovation Lab, in Cascais, Portugal, so students have the opportunity to work closely with our packaging designers. They get to experience how designs take shape and learn about biomimicry and sustainable design, so that their designs consider the entire supply chain. 

At Logoplaste, we are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions that support a circular economy for plastics. Supporting, teaching, and employing young, rising talent is one of our most important investments in a sustainable future.

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