Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey gives all employees worldwide a chance to let Logoplaste know about our their experience with the company.  


The best way to describe it, is to ask the questions:

Why is this important? Why should I participate?


  • My opinion matters and is taken into consideration
  • I have the opportunity to help implement change in my workplace  
  • I am part of Logoplaste and Logoplaste is part of me



  • Logoplaste is reaching out to me and wants to know what I think
  • Logoplaste is asking for our help and is eager to listen to what we have to say and make changes for the better
  • Logoplaste wants to create a better place for me to work and grow, so I can thrive

What is the Employee Engagement Survey?

What is the Employee Engagement Survey?

Logoplaste uses a 3 step approach for the Employee Engagement Survey

Listening to our employees is the 1st Step in our Engagement Strategy
Understanding the results and analyzing data is the 2nd Step in our Engagement Strategy
Acting is the last and most critical step of our Engagement Strategy
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