Marcel de Botton

Marcel wanted to do things differently. And he did.

Marcel arrived in Portugal, in 1940. For many years, he owned one of the largest plastic factories in the greater Lisbon area. But in 1974, in the aftermath of the democratic revolution, things changed dramatically. 

One of the biggest changes: companies could no longer be privately owned. 

Marcel sold the company-for only 1 dollar!-to his former employees

He started all over again, doing what he loved most: rigid plastic packaging. This time, though, Marcel wanted to do things differently and started dreaming of a totally new business model-small manufacturing plants inside the client’s factory. 

Marcel's Wall to Wall, embedded manufacturing grew rapidly because it improved product delivery and reduced costs. It didn't hurt that Marcel insisted on excellent customer service. Today, our Wall to Wall plants are designed and built exclusively for the clients’ needs. A modern Logoplaste factory is truly a tailor-made plant.

If you were to ask Marcel de Botton for his secret, he would say “never stop.” 

He has never stopped creating, innovating, and chasing his ideals. Although Marcel is retired, he is still a driving force at Logoplaste.

He continues to push us, the plastics industry, and the consumers who rely on our products to be the best versions of ourselves … a version in which our shared innovation, dedication, and hard work transform plastic packaging into a sustainable resource.


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