Ecovadis Gold for Logoplaste

We work today for a better tomorrow by delivering mindful plastic packaging

We are celebrating at Logoplaste, as we received our second gold medal, but this time with improved scores.


In Ecovadis Sustainability rating, we ranked in the top 2% of plastics manufactures, and overall top 5%. Gold medal for Logoplaste.

From the very beginning, Logoplaste has innovated constantly to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and create a sustainable business model that can weather revolutionary change and thrive.   Our Wall to Wall, embedded manufacturing model has proven itself as a smarter way of doing business that benefits our customers and the world. Our plants double as flourishing idea labs that are lowering CO2 emissions, ending packaging waste, and making the world a better place.

Every day, we rebel against the norm and reinvent what’s been done before so that we can lead the changes our industry must make. We're dedicated to working together—with our clients and our competitors, our local communities and governments—to build a better, healthier, sustainable future for the next generation.

This legacy is more than words on a page. It is our duty.

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